Thinking About Attending a Technical School? Do Your Homework!

Commercials for technical schools appear on television every hour of every day.  As a result, many may catch themselves humming the quirky commercial jingles without intention.  If these technical schools have done something right, it’s advertising.  However, they seem to be leaving something out of their ‘too good to be true’ television offers.  The average high school student is looking for the easiest and fastest way to get to the top, an obvious target.  When one of these students comes into class and declares that they’ll be done with nursing school in nine months and it’s only going to cost them $15,000, there’s an obvious concern.

Each technical school is different in their approach to training and education, but none of them should be allowed to take advantage of a student.   After meeting with a local community college’s department chair, the underlying concerns have come to full fruition.  The department chair told horror stories of several unaccredited technical schools and their students that are left stranded without a degree.  Not only are some technical schools not accredited, some require a $70,000 tuition fee for 18 months of training.

Students, parents and guidance counselors need to do their homework. Texas residents have a SACS accredited and affordable technical school on their back doorstep and most don’t even know it.  Texas State Technical College (TSTC), for example, offers over 90 programs of study and only cost a fraction of other technical schools.  TSTC collaborates with nearby community colleges in order to offer students the option of receiving an associate’s degree.  Whether you’re looking to complete a culinary arts degree or be trained in aviation maintenance, technical schools may have the best program for you.  But remember… DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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