Increased Workplace Violence Illustrates Need for Stress Management Training

Most people were excited about the arrival of beepers and cell phones; these new pieces of technology were supposed to revolutionize the way we did business.  They were charged with increasing productivity by increasing our accessibility to the office.  In some cases, they did.  However, more recently, we have noticed that many people are finding that the instant access is causing high pressure and consequently creating high stress environments as demands for quicker turnarounds are increasing.  People even started referring to their technology as a “crackberry.”

More recently, we are seeing people “cracking” under this pressure.  The Workplace Violence Research Institute in Palm Springs California was recently quoted on ABC News as stating that low-level type of workplace violence, which includes threats, harassment, and intimidation, has increased significantly over the last several years.  This kind of violence may not appear as dramatic as a workplace shooting, however, it is a very important concern and should not be taken lightly by management.

Learning how to manage stress is crucial.  While the simplest, common-sensical method of counting to ten is a starting place for delaying a reaction that could be made hostile due to stress, many employees could truly benefit from stress management training.  This would allow them to actually “manage” their stress as opposed to just “dealing” with it.  Stress management training can help to create a much livelier and productive work environment.

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