Mentoring Antidote for Low Motivation

We often see students who seem to have access to all of the resources necessary to be successful but lack the motivation to actually be successful.  What factors contribute to their lack of motivation?  What role do educators play when they notice that students lack motivation?  In a recent article titled Youth Mentoring in Perspective, Jean E. Rhodes explores the role of mentoring and individualized attention as an antidote for low student motivation.

Rhodes argues that given the recent budget cuts, educators and professionals that work with students are left with more students and less time per student.  The impact of these countering forces is that students who lack a caring family or home-based support are left without ample guidance.  As a result, students’ motivation to success wanes.  The question we are left with is:  Should educators be responsible for mentoring students?

ReadyToWork®’s mission  is to “provide a learning experience that supports the development of individuals…”  Providing a learning experience inherently requires us to identify the barriers to success and bridge them.  The ReadyToWork® PASS Program acknowledges that lack of motivation due to inadequate support can be a true barrier to success.  As a result, we designed our program to provide students with individualized attention and support.  Our Student Transition Coordinators take time to make sure that each student knows what path they’re on whether its college, career, or the military and then they make sure that students know all the steps necessary to succeed on their path and have the support necessary to achieve their dreams.

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