New Tool for Healthcare Job Seekers

The Department of Labor (DOL) created a Virtual Career Network to provide job seekers with a comprehensive portal for jobs in the healthcare industry.  This portal offers individuals the opportunity to explore over 80 different career options in healthcare and provides them with information and access to jobs nationwide.

The healthcare industry offers job-seekers industry-based stability as well as opportunities for career advancement due to several factors.  As our population ages, the need for healthcare services and access to healthcare grows.  Further, as the economy  improves, the number of elective procedures performed also increases.  Given these facts and statisical correlations, it is not surprising that the healthcare industry is growing as rapidly as it is.

Further, the DOL recently announced that between June 2010 and April 2012, the healthcare industry has added more than 500,000 jobs to the economy.   As a result of these and other trends, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, announced that they expect the healthcare industry to add nearly 4,000,000 jobs by 2015.  For job-seekers, growth prospects in the healthcare industry offer tremendous opportunity.


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