New Tool for Healthcare Job Seekers

The Department of Labor (DOL) created a Virtual Career Network to provide job seekers with a comprehensive portal for jobs in the healthcare industry.  This portal offers individuals the opportunity to explore over 80 different career options in healthcare and provides them with information and access to jobs nationwide.

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Increased Workplace Violence Illustrates Need for Stress Management Training

Most people were excited about the arrival of beepers and cell phones; these new pieces of technology were supposed to revolutionize the way we did business.  They were charged with increasing productivity by increasing our accessibility to the office.  In some cases, they did.  However, more recently, we have noticed that many people are finding that the instant access is causing high pressure and consequently creating high stress environments as demands for quicker turnarounds are increasing.  People even started referring to their technology as a “crackberry.”

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Universal Dislocated Worker Program…Finally!

American workers deserve assistance getting back to work.  After all, they got the education or training needed, completed internships, and went to work day in and day out like they were told to.  It is not their fault that other countries’ cheaper exports, due to substandard wages and conditions, are affecting their ability to remain competitive.  And most importantly, they’re not asking for a handout, they’re asking for help to get back on their feet.   After reading President Obama’s proposal to consolidate two major job training programs- The Dislocated Worker program of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program- to ultimately create a “Universal Dislocated Worker Program” that would provide reemployment services, $4,000 training awards, support to pursue training or look for work, as well as wage insurance for older workers, I could not help but think: “What took them so long? And why is something as important as this- something that could clearly help our sagging economy move along- still at the proposal stage.”

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Industry Growth in Texas Suggests Economy is Strengthening

The unemployment rate has been an issue of concern for several years now.  Some U.S. cities have recovered from the recession better than others and the current unemployment rate varies by state, with the national average being around 8.3 percent.

According to Bill Bowen, Texas is making progress towards lowering the unemployment rate.  In December, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.3 percent—the lowest rate since April 2009.  Industries that have added the most jobs this year include the oil industry, business and professional services, hospitality, trade, transportation and utilities.

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Cost of Unemployment

We live in a society in which we often define ourselves by our daily roles and responsibilities. I challenge you to ask ten people “who are you?” the majority will define themselves using aspects of their job, what role they play in the life’s of others, and things they believe to be true from other’s feedback. The truth is, we spend a lot of time at work as Americans, that’s why this article over The Effects of Unemployment on Mental and Physical Health is so interesting. Anyone who has experienced joblessness knows it is a very difficult situation to be in, but what toll is it taking on Americans physically and mentally?

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Texas Youth – Felons Forever?

Reports suggest that 10% of the Texas population has been convicted of some kind of felony.  As one of the largest and most populated states in the country, this means 2.5 million people are felons.  Needless to say, this results in a significant number of people and families who are affected every year.  In addition, the U.S. is convicting a higher number of teen offenders every year.

After time is served, whether it is time in prison or probation, these people are forever disqualified from specific types of employment or even attending some higher education institutions.  If a teen is convicted of a felony, he/she is seemingly dooming their own career outlook.  One teen’s felony could result in a life long minimum wage salary and a constant rejection of his/her potential.

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Single Parents Have Higher Unemployment Rates

Single parents have been some of the hardest hit in this economy’s unemployment disaster.  Being the sole breadwinner, single parents have an immense amount of pressure to provide for the family.  In July 2010, single mothers held an unemployment rate of 13.4% (the national rate was 9.5%).  Today, this rate has fallen to 11.7% and the nation has seen an increase in jobs available.  However, too many single parents are still struggling to find a suitable job in order to care and provide for their families.

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Job Creation Partners

One of the biggest challenges for today’s workforce is finding skilled workers for the jobs available.  Recently President Obama spoke at Northern Virginia Community College unveiling the proposed federal budget.  The new federal budget proposed included $8 billion for the Community College to Career Fund.  While the funding can help pay for training in high demand occupations, President Obama also urged businesses and community colleges to partner to help recently trained job seekers find work once they graduate.  During his speech, President Obama emphasized matching up the available workers with available jobs.

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Secretary of Labor Encourages Closer Ties Between Employers and Governmental Programs

If it seems that the Texas Workforce Commission has been busier than usual it is because they have been.  The Texas unemployment rate has risen slightly over the past year; however, the TWC will soon be receiving additional support to allow for local collaboration of government and business forces.  The Secretary of Labor released a statement on Thursday, February 16, 2012, announcing the continuation of a need to build “strong partnerships between employers and federally funded workforce programs.”  The Government Accountability Office reports that such programs “lead to improved employment and retention outcomes for our nation’s workers.”  The report also encourages the nation to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, which once allowed businesses to participate in local efforts to deliver Workforce Development Services.

Job Skills for Ex-Felons Key to Breaking Generational Cycle

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the availability of approximately$30 million in grants through its Training and Service Learning program for projects to help young adult ex-offenders gain valuable job skills while giving back to their communities. This type of funding is a huge step forward for ex-offenders attempting re-entry into the workforce as it helps to gain job skills while fostering a service minded/community focused ideology.

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