Education Services

 offers education services under its Pre-Admission Student Services (PASS) program which provides clients with customized college and career readiness curriculum and delivery that is aligned with TEA requirements. The program transitions students from high school into sustainable post-secondary placements including college, the military or a career by partnering with principals and other campus staff to work with students and their families.

Our PASS program employs a variety of methods (described below) to educate students on how to approach their transition, to expose students through workshops, excursions and fairs, and through experiences designed to develop the skills necessary to continue on the path to success.


Individualized Sessions: allow us to conduct assessments and also facilitate open dialogue and one-on-one attention

Workshops: educate students through more formal curriculum-based and deliverable driven activities

Seminars: are conducted by external experts in the fields of higher education, business, community leadership, and the military

Excursions:provide exposure and experience in various high-demand industries and post-secondary institutions

Job Shadowing: provides exposure to career paths in high-demand industries

College & Career Fairs: provide exposure to various colleges and careers so that students can understand their options

Volunteerism: provides positive experiences in collaboration with OTSL Charities and demonstrates significance of community service

Internships: provide hands-on experience in an industry-specific environment

Part-Time Jobs: provide experiences to help make educated decisions about the future

ReadyToWork® Career Centers: provide a formal setting that inspires students towards college or a career and facilitates completion of program deliverables. The center is outfitted by donations from OTSL Charities

ReadyToWork® Training Center: provides individuals, organizations, and communities with access to a conference center including a computer lab, meeting rooms, and other facilities

Educational Design & Implementation Services: provide clients with customized college and career curriculum design and implementation services

The components of our program can be custom-tailored to fit the individual needs and budget of organizations.  For more information on how ReadyToWork® can help your students or youth achieve their goals, please contact us.

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