Workforce Services

The ReadyToWork® Workforce Services evolved out of a recognized gap between employer needs and employee skill levels in the labor market. ReadyToWork® strives to fill that gap by providing employers and employees with innovative workforce development programs that are tailored to meet industry-specific, region-specific, or company-specific needs.


Lastly, RTW offers clients recruitment process outsourcing services (staffing services) as well as access to our state-of-the-art training center.




Conflict Resolution & Management: introduces individuals to conflict resolution concepts and skills to mitigate workplace conflict

Corporate Policies & Procedures: provides organizations with tools and techniques to develop corporate guidelines aligned with industry best practices

Customer Service: introduces individuals to industry-specific best practices to improve internal and external customer satisfaction

Financial Literacy: introduces individuals to financial concepts, institutions, and best practices to improve economic well-being

Workplace Safety: introduces individuals to best safety and security practices in the workplace to mitigate work-related accidents

Certified Logistics Associate (C.L.A.):provides individuals with certification upon mastery of entry-level material handling

Certified Logistics Technician (C.L.T.): provides individuals with certification upon mastery of material handling; (Prerequisite: CLA Certification)

National Workforce Readiness Credential:provides individuals with a certification upon mastery of entry-level workforce standards

Power Industrial Truck (P.I.T.) (also known as forklifts) provides individuals with opportunity to get certified to the OSHA standards on Class A, B and C power industrial trucks

OTHER CAPABILITIES Temporary Staffing: provides organizations with a trained and ready workforce to meet changing labor demands

Training Center: provides organizations with conference space for trainings as well as access to computers

Organizational Development Services: provides organizations with outsourced organizational development using state-of-the-art information technology systems


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