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A for profit affiliate of On-Target Supplies & Logistics, ReadyToWork® was organized in August 2006 in order to further develop and refine employees for On-Target and its corporate clients. The ReadyToWork® (RTW) brand was created specifically to target organizations with identified labor challenges which include transportation/distribution, healthcare, utilities, construction, telecommunication, and technology.

  •  August 2006 – ReadyToWork® launched
  •  April 2007 – Introduced Industrial Workplace Readiness Training and Certification Program
  •  April 2008 – Professional Development Training and Certification Program
  •  March 2009 – Designated Manufacturing Skill Standards Council "MSSC" Certified Assessment Center
  •  July 2009 – Pre-Admission Student Services (PASS) Program


Our mission is to produce a learning experience that supports
the development of people, organizations, and communities.


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